We didn't want to settle for being any other sunglass company - we wanted to make a difference with every purchase.

To do our part, we partnered with Feeding America to donate 10 meals to hungry children across America with every order.

More From Our Customers

"I've historically been a $20 or less sunglasses guy. You scratch them, break them, lose them, etc. I could never justify $100+ for quality shades. I decided to give Isla a try with the great warranty at a decent price and I'm extremely pleased. High quality shades that do a great job, are comfortable, and look great. I've had them for a little over a month now: I've dropped them a few times on the ground, in the pool, gotten sand and saw dust on them and washed them off with water and they are holding up great; not even surface scratches yet. Very pleased. Recommending to everyone who asks about them" - Kevin M.

"After years of spending 15 to 20 dollars on cheap glasses from walmart, only having them break in 3 months, felt like splurging on a pair. Worth every penny and the warranty alone is worth the price!" - Alex K.